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quinoline yellow

The disodium salt of disulphonic acid. A synthetic 'coal tar' dye varying in colour between a dull yellow and greenish-yellow. Found in ices, scotch eggs and smoked haddock.

C.I. No.  47005 
D&C No. Yellow 10
E.E.C No.    E 104
C.I. Food Colour No. Yellow 13
C.A.S No.          8004-92-0
Other Names dc yellow 10, c.i. food yellow 13, e104, acid yellow 3, FLAVUM QUINOLINI, Brilliantgelb, Canary Yellow, Lebensmittelgelb 3, Kinolinsárga
Chemical Name Disodium Salt of disulphonates of 2-(2- quinolyl) - 1,3 indandione


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