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lake carmoisine

Prepared from Aluminium Hydroxide & Food colour carmoisine, which is a synthetic red azo dye useful in foods which must be heat treated after fermentation.

C.I. No.  14720 
FD&C No. N/A
E.E.C No.    E 122
C.I. Food Colour No. Red 3
C.A.S No.          53026-69-9
Other Names e122 aluminium lake, azorubini lacca aluminica, hlinitý lak azorubinu, azorubine aluminium lake, azorubine lake, azorubinlack, ext. d & c red no. 10 aluminum lake, lacus aluminii azorubinum, c.i. food red 3 aluninium lake
Chemical Name dialuminum Salt of 2-(4-Sulpho- 1-napthylazo)-1- napthol - 4-sulphonic acid



Dye Content (% Min.) Shade Price (Rupees) Price (US$)
12%   860 13.00
22%   930 15.00
30%   1.090 16.00
38%   1,250 16.50

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