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lake brilliant blue fcf

A blue synthetic coal tar dye often used in conjunction with lake tartrazine, to produce various shades of green.

Lake Brilliant Blue FCF   
C.I. No.  42090 
FD&C No. Blue 1
E.E.C No.    E 133
C.I. Food Colour No. Blue 2
C.A.S No.          3844-45-9
Other Names e 133 aluminium lake, cerulei nitensis fcf lacca aluminica,  hlinitý lak brilantní modře fcf, brilliant blue fcf aluminium lake, brilliantblau fcf aluminiumlack, c.i. food blue 2 aluninium lake, fd & c blue no. 1 aluminum lake
Chemical Name dialuminum salt of 4{〔-(N-ethyl-p-sulfobennzylamino) phenyl〕- (2-sulfonium phenyl)methylene }〔1- N-ethyl-N-p-sulfobenzyl)△2.5 -cyclohexadienimine



Dye Content (% Min.) Shade Price (Rupees) Price (US$)
12%   1,675 42.00
22%   1,950 49.00
38%   2,390 60.00

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