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lake allura red

Prepared from Aluminium Hydroxide & Food colour allura red which is a Orange red synthetic azo dye, introduced to replace Amaranth in the United States of America where it is prohibited.

The colour may have slightly less allergy/intolerance reaction by aspirin intolerant people and asthmatics than most of the azo dyes, although those with skin sensitivities should be careful about lake allura red.

C.I. No.  16035 
FD&C No. Red 40 lake
E.E.C No.    E 129 lake
C.I. Food Colour No. lake Red 17
C.A.S No.          68583-95-9
Other Names

fd & c red no. 40 lake, red 40 lake, red # 40 lake, e 129 aluminium lake, ruboris allurae ac lacca aluminica , hlinitý lak červeně allura ac, allura red ac aluminium lake, allurarot ac aluminiumlack, c.i. food red 17 aluminium lake

Chemical Name Dialuminum salt of 6-hydroxy-5-(2-methoxy-5- methyl- 4- sulfnphenyl) azo- 2-naphthalene sulfonic acid

lake allura red uses


Dye Content (% Min.) Shade Price (Rupees) Price (US$)
12%   950 24.00
22%   1,225 31.00
38%   1,665 42.00

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