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brilliant blue fcf

A blue synthetic coal tar dye often used in conjunction with Tartrazine, to produce various shades of green.

brilliant blue fcf   
C.I. No.  42090 
FD&C No. Blue 1
E.E.C No.    E 133
C.I. Food Colour No. Blue 2
C.A.S No.          3844-45-9
Other Names fd&c blue 1, c.i. food blue 2, e133, acid blue 9, erioglancine, calcocid blue eg, CERULEUM NITENS FCF, Brilantní modř FCF, Alphazurine FG, Blue EGS, Brilliantblau FCF, aeruleum protectum AC, modř patentní AE, Patentblau AE, Patent Blue AC, Patent Blue AE, Brillantkék FCF
Chemical Name Disodium Salt of 4-{4-(N-Ethyl-P-Sulfo benzyl-amino)- Phenyl} - (2-Sulphonium - Phenyl)- Methylene ] - {1- (N-Ethyl- N-P-Sulpho-Benzyl)- 2,5- Cyclohexadienimine}


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